Float Building

B&G club Float CUBuilding the perfect float takes time, patience and imagination. Here are a few steps to help you get started. Remember this is the Luther Burbank Rose Parade Festival so use one or more ROSES in your entry.

5 EASY Steps to Creating a Spectacular Entry

  1. Set Your Criteria: People in charge should fill out the Quick Parade Planning Sheet provided to all Corporate Parade Entry Sponsors. It will help you set parameters for budget, personnel needs, and theme requirements.
  2. Brainstorm for Entry Ideas: Invite all interested workers and have a brainstorming session to come up with an entry unit theme that ties our theme to your company’s mission, vision, goals, issues or ideas.
  3. Design Your Unit: Using the theme you came up with in Step 2, design your unit so it can be built in the time and space you have available.
  4. Create the Unit: Hammer, sew, nail, glue, stop for pizza. Cut, paste, staple, tack, and stop for cookies and soda. Practice the drill, attach the parts, paint, decorate, and bring in some popcorn. Finishing touches, dress rehearsal, don’t forget roses, read your Parade Orders & Map (mailed April 20), check the route to staging area, take a coffee and hot chocolate break.
  5. Perform for the Crowds: Wave, smile, take a bow and enjoy the cheers! You might even win an award! Watch the parade later by pre-ordering a DVD and cherish the memories.

Click Here for Important Safety Tips from the Fire Department.